No matter how good your telescope is, unless you have some means of adequately supporting it and easily pointing it from one part of the sky to another, then the instrument will be rendered useless. For all their apparent diversity, 'scope mounts may be divided into one of two categories: altazimuth and equatorial.

In my review archive you'll find one of my favourite altazimuths, the Vixen Porta from January 2006, and two very serviceable German equatorials in the form of the Sky-Watcher HEQ5 and EQ6 Pros (June 2006). The latter two mounts incorporate full GoTo capability straight out of the box and are suitable for a wide range of optical tube assemblies.

Newer mounts on the scene include the Orion TeleTrack motorised altazimuth (see the online summary here, or the full review in the February 2007 issue of Astronomy Now) or the latest Sky-Watcher SupaTrak, each employing auto-tracking technology.

The Chinese-made Gotostar is an eagerly-awaited GoTo upgrade system for most EQ5 German equatorial mounts in existence. You can find my first look at this versatile piece of kit online here.