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Please note: I no longer offer a 'scope servicing & repair service.

Astronomical telescopes are complex and sensitive devices. For most of the time they will work as designed without any trouble. However, simple mechanical wear and tear, dust, pollen and pollutants in the atmosphere will eventually take their toll and the 'scope will need a little tender loving care.

The optical components, be they lens or mirror, must be accurately aligned (collimated) in order for the instrument to perform to specification. For critical high-resolution, high magnification viewing of the Moon and planets, precise collimation is not just desirable, it's essential. While it isn't difficult to achieve with Schmidt-Cassegrain and Newtonian telescopes, not all observers feel confident making the necessary adjustments.

Even when not in use, the storage of an instrument can cause problems. If the telescope is packed away after an observing session whilst damp from dew, or if placed in a damp environment for any length of time, mould or fungus can appear on the lenses or mirrors. Certain aggressive strains can permanently etch lens and mirror coatings.

How can I help you?
Over the years of testing instrumentation I've had occasion to disassemble a wide range of 'scopes to check individual optical components and verify engineering tolerances. I have also built, cleaned and restored a number of refractors (air-spaced and cemented objectives), catadioptrics (Schmidt- and Maksutov-Cassegrains), Newtonians and Cassegrains. I'd be happy to adjust the optics and mechanics of your 'scope to restore peak performance.