My experience of NEAF 2007

Ever since I first went to the North East Astronomy Forum in Suffern, NY in 2001, I've been hooked. Since I now live back in the U.K. it's not so easy to get to, so I try and go every other year. 2007 was my turn again! This event just gets bigger and better - on the opening day there were in excess of 100 vendors ranging from the biggest names in the industry (Celestron, Meade, Tele Vue, etc.) down to all the little 'mom and pop' businesses that support our hobby with their indispensable add-ons. What did I like best? Well, that was quite easy for me this year. I was honoured to meet Normand Fullum and to experience his beautiful wooden Dobsonians firsthand. Normand's telescopes are indeed works of art and have won him numerous awards at Stellafane and elsewhere. You can read more about them and see pictures by clicking here.