Have you often thought about getting into CCD imaging but been put off by the technical challenges? Or maybe you're looking for some sort of astrovideo solution to try and overcome the effects of local light pollution? If you can master something as complex as a camcorder, then what may be the answer to your prayers is a versatile Integrating Video Camera (IVC). Read my review of a recent colour model from Phil Dyer by clicking here.

On the eyepiece front, one of the most exciting developments to come out of 2006 was the UWAN (Ultra-Wide ANgle) range from William Optics. The attached image shows the full range of 4, 7, 16 and 28mm focal lengths. Aside from the 2-inch format 28mm model, these are 1.25-inch format oculars. These eyepieces are intended to compete with the finest from TeleVue. Given that they are roughly 70% the price of equivalent Naglers, are they worth the asking price? See what I thought by clicking here.

Do you own a Newtonian reflector? If, like me, you don't like to see the diffraction spikes emanating from your cross-shaped secondary holder (spider), why not upgrade your 'scope with a Destiny curved spider from Hans Wiest? Not only do they look great, but you may be impressed with the improvement in image quality. See what I thought of them by clicking here.