Satellite Tracker
This program shows you where and when to see the International Space Station and Hubble Space Telescope. The current position of the selected spacecraft or satellite is shown, plus its track over the next hour at 5 minute intervals. The gray ellipse shows where the satellite is presently above the horizon.
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The table shows visible nighttime passes of the selected spacecraft over your chosen location during the next 5 days, if any. (Select daylight-saving time [DST] only when applicable.) Local Time is the instant the satellite first becomes visible and is listed for your time zone. Duration indicates the length of each sighting in minutes. Max. elevation is how high the satellite will get above your horizon (90° is overhead). To see the spacecraft, at a given Time look in the direction indicated by Approach. You should see a slowly moving "star" (weather permitting). The Departure entries indicate where the spacecraft will be when it vanishes from sight. Sometimes an appearance or disappearance occurs well up in the sky when the satellite emerges into sunlight or slips into Earth's shadow, respectively.