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Mars Mapper 2022 creates a representation of the Red Planet for any date & time between 1 November and 31 December 2022. The labelled albedo maps are based on CCD imagery of the 2020 opposition by Martin R. Lewis, so they don't portray all features as they currently appear, but more accurately than decades-old Viking imagery commonly used in desktop astronomy software. Alternatively, choose colourised hand-drawn maps from 2021 by Makoto Adachi (ALPO-Japan). Note that the app doesn't show the changing shape of Mars' polar caps, the planet's phase, or the presence of clouds.

How to use Mars Mapper 2022
The app opens with the current Martian aspect presented to Earth. You can step forward or backwards in time in increments of one hour, or an Earth day (a Mars day is 24h 37m long), or click the 'Reset to now' button to return to the present. If you wish to display Mars for a specific date (day/month/year format) and time, enter the desired values and click the 'recalculate' button. Mars Mapper 2022 uses 24-hour format Universal Time (UT) synonymous with GMT.